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jennifer 希望你满意,谢谢采纳! 歌词如下 [00:16.25]show me you are right beside me [00:20.38]i swear you on the way[00:23.90]this quite distance it is hard to take[00:31.03]i konw we are both been drifting apart down say pray for this[00:38.00]

selena gomez - love you like a love song,亲看看这个是不是的

我不想让你失望!我发誓 英语翻译,google翻译比较权威.

我不想让你失望. down在这里的意思是使某人失望的意思

one more chance--Ferras Alquasihttp://play.baidu.com/?__m=mboxCtrl.playSong&__a=20910724&__o=/search||songListIcon&fr=ps||www.baidu.com&tn=63090008_1_hao_pg#loaded

I don't wanna let you down let down.翻译是 我不想让你失望,让你失望 let sb down是让某人失望的意思 wanna 等于want to

林一峰 - I Don't Want Say Goodbye专辑:Camping Classic Reborn作词:林一峰 作曲:林一峰 编曲:林一峰刺猬Special For My Love PingerI don't want to say goodbyeLet the star shine throughI don't want to say goodbyeAll I wanna do is

i kissed a girl 播放歌手:katy perrythis was never the way i plannednot my intentioni got so brave, drink in handlost my discretionit's not what, i'm used tojust wanna try you oni'm curious for youcaught my attentioni kissed a girl and i liked itthe taste

The Pussycat Dolls - Hush Hush I never needed you to be strongI never needed you for pointing out my wrongsI never needed pain' I never needed strainMy love for you is strong enough you should have knownI never needed you for judgmentI never

I really don't want to know Les Paul & Mary Ford/Tommy Edward How many arms have held you And hated to let you go How many, how many, I wonder But I really don't want to know How many lips have kissed you And set your soul aglow How



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