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Fox(狐狸) and Grapes(葡萄) A hungry fox came to a vineyard(葡萄园) where 10. 通过整篇文章的阅读,可以判断除了C外,其他的选项都不符合原文的意思.(一

1、 We,human beings,have been dreaming of a beautiful and harmonious society.At Because we have one months to do things we love to do. We are free. Although we

英语阅读理解(2) In the summer time,when there are many flowers,a beehive(蜂窝)is a very busy place.Bees fly from flower to flower. Flowers have a juice called nectar

Mike comes from America.He is twelve.His father ,Mrbrown,works in a big factory in Beijing.His mother,Mrs brown,works in Beijing,too.She teaches English in a middle school,Mike has a sister.Her name is Kate.She is only four.It is Saturday today.

Clay is 13 years old,and he lives in Miami,the United States.On the morning of Feb.23,when Clay is waiting for school bus,a man kidnaps(绑架) him.The man takes him to

书店里有很多卖英语分类训练的书籍,你可以试试.在这里,建议两本: 光明日报出版社的《初中生英语阅读理解周计划》 内蒙古大学出版社的《初中英语阅读理解专练》 前一本是每个年级各一本,题不算难,可以先买一本试试 后面的是整个初中合为一本,但分为七八九三个年级的三部分,题稍有难度,但还可以 对了,如果你是不错的学生,建议买一本《英语奥林匹克》,属于拔高类的,其中各种题型都有,对英语学习很有帮助的

most people who work in the office have a boss (老板). so do i (我也是). but my boss is a little unusual. what's unusual about him? it's a big dog. many men have dogs, but few men bring their dogs to the office every day. my boss's dog.

7. Hello! I'm Tommy I'm from American boy.Now I live in China with my parents and my sister.We like China and Chinese food.Chinese food is good for our health.We usually have eggs and noodles(面条)for breakfast.For lunch we have rice,

thank you for joining CCTV's around the world show.to day

阅读理解(20分) A Thousands of years ago. There was a very clever king with the name of Soloman. There are many stories about him. Here is one of them which shows how clever he was. Once there were two women. They lived in the same


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