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I had a long holiday for National Day .I was very happy,because I could do anything I want.During those days.I enjoyed myself.At first,I went to the zoo to see lovely animals.And then.I went to the sea world to see beautiful fishes.That was very

Today is the National Day, I walk in the street with a good mood. When I walk on a bridge, I see a poor begger who has a baby with her. She is sitting on the ground, and nodding all the time. I feel pity on her and give her fifty yuan, as well as my fruits

The National Day,is a important festival in China.We will fly five Stars flag in the first day in Tian'anmen Square.And we also sing national anthem,too!And we can have a seven days.We are stay with our family in these days.We can relax at home

My national day holidays already passed six days, l have a good time . My mather isn't feeling well,so I help my mother to wash clothes,wash dishes or clean the room during the holiday.With the coming of national day, I have a one week holiday. I

we had a seven-day national holiday. i read lots of interesting books during the holiday. i got up at 8:30. after breakfast i began to do my homework because i had lots of homework to do. i helped my parents cook lunch. after lunch i washed the dishes

Today is your birthday, my China, "a song What a grand and intimate in my ears again, it seems to make me feel very excited, very proud. Today is the birthday of the motherland 54 years old, in this, my first Mother Road, the selfless devotion loudly:

Every October 1st is the birthday of our motherland. It belongs to all Chinese. In order to remember this special day, we will have seven days off according to the law. There are many people will choose to travel during this holiday. But, I won't. The

国庆来了,对于我们六年级来说,带来的永远是作业、作业加作业.六年级时一个只要你想做作业就有作业的危险时期,但是在这个长的都能让人发霉的假期,为了不让人发霉,我就出去玩了一天.至于我的肚子嘛,当然得填满啦. 在10月4日

During this vacation, I went to the YunNan Province to enjoy the Bei Hai with my parents.I found the climate there was really mild, I liked it very much.We took a small boat to raft on the lake. It was so big that I just thought it was not a lake but an ocean. If possible, I would like to go there again.

We will have lunch in the parkIt's Friday today. I am going to do some things on Sunday. I will get up at 6:30,we will return home, go skating and climb mountains but also take some pictures. After taking a rest for a moment. After breakfast, I will go


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