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In last summer vacation ,I went to Beijing with my family. First ,we went to the Great Wall,where we met a lot of foreigners and we also took a lot of photos. They all like our culture and beautiful senery. Second.we went to the summer palace ,where the

travel diary

Monday , July 16th The weather was sunny and hot. we visited the Palace Museum and Tian'an Men Square in the morning. We took many photos there. We visited the Great Wall in the afternoon. There were many people on the Great Wall. , We

i went to the sea today.it was hot but i enjoy my trip.though i did not feel well at first because of heavy traffic,i felt excited to see the blue sea.i could not help swimming in the sea.i find sea cool.when i got tired,i sat on the beach.i made some sand

Wednesday,August 2nd It was a fine day!I am an American student,I came to China for a tour.I went to several interesting places such as The Great Wall,Tianmen square,Summer Place and so many places,they are all very nice.In THE SUMMER

In the summer vocation, I went to Huang Mountain, the most famous moutain in Anhui province. Huang Mountain lies in the east of our country. It is famous for its beautiful pine trees,sea of clouds,and strange stones. The mountain is very high. I spent

october 2, sunny it was sunny and warm today. i got up early. after breakfast i went to ..mountain with my friend li lei. it took us about an hour to get there by bus. there were thousands of people. we joined them to climb the mountain as soon as we got

1、I had a wonderful time in Chongqing this vacation and it was a very happy tour!Chongqing is the biggest municipality directly under the Central Government and bulit on the mountains.The most structure I've seen there is bridge.Chongqing is

My mother took meto Beijing thisweekend; I had a happy time with my family.In the morning, wegot up early and we bought the ticket and arrived at Beijing by train. Then we took taxi to the Summer Palacedirectly.There are a lot oftravelers in the


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