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nobody can tell what would be the life like after one hundred years or, at least the ordinary people like us can not do that. however from level of development of today's technology and science, one thing that everyone can be sure about is that life of

with the fierce competition in our society, we will face more and more challenges.for example,we must get up early in the morning and study hard in response to the pressure of competition . as for me, i have my own ways to deal with challenge, i'm

My Future Plan-a Middle School Teacher I decided to be a middle school teacher after college. There are many reasons contributing to this decision. Firstly, when I was a little/boy, I have been dreaming of being a teacher. It seemed so fascinate to

My future plan Everyone dreams about his or her own future. so do I . I want to be an English teacher in the future. Why do I have that dream or plan? The first reason is that I reckon learning or reading is very interesting , and I can gain a lot of

Actually writing my own experience, once glorious shining, but now they are always stuck in the past those memories, footsteps stop, until I began to realize that they found out that not long ago the former one myself. Stunned then began with a loss of

Life in the Future Many people think that in the future comeputers will be used in lots of eeyday actiities.Students in the future may carry computers to school instead of heavy bags full of books.Or they will not have to go to school every day. They can

My future plan(我的未来打算)Now I have left the primary school.(现在我已经离开了小学)I will go to high school.(我将去高中了)In the further,I want to be a teacher.So I

Students in the future I think the students' life in 50 years will be quite different from ours today. They will not go to school to have some classes. They will stay at home to study on the computer. They will ask their teachers or classmates for help by

After a hundred years"Bell", a noise awakened me from the dream, I looked at the bedside of the calendar, you! I have to sleep a hundred years, and is now the 2109!I looked at all directions, "the house in how it all decorations, furniture then?"

中文 我的视力关于未来的工作正如我们所konwn那个硬币都有两面当然,作为一个人没有区别当我是一个学生现在,我有很多的异象关于未来的工作.首先,我将成为一个顾问如果我努力工作,总是相信自己主要是我最喜欢的,这是非常令人欣


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