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其实早无据可查?这是在5世纪中叶由教会规定的, in fact not well documented. Why December 25 as Christmas,在“菲洛卡连”日历中第一次写明12月25日是耶稣的生日? This is the mid-5th century provided by the church. The year 354; the

圣诞节 (christmas) christmas is on december 25th and it is coming now. people in the west celebrate it. it is an important festival for them. how do people celebrate christmas? they have a special party. it usually starts at about seven o'clock in the

Christmas or Christmas Day is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, the central figure of Christianity. It is traditionally celebrated on December 25 by most Western Christian churches. Although dating to probably as early as a.d. 200, the feast of

字号:大 中 小 圣诞节的由来,圣诞节的由来 英文/英语,圣诞节的由来英文版,关于圣诞节的由来英语版 圣诞节的由来 圣诞节是基督徒纪念耶稣诞生的一个重要节日.根据圣经记载耶稣诞生在犹太的一座小城伯利恒.该书记载圣母玛利亚

圣诞节的来历英文版:December 25 is the day Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus, known as Christmas. Westerners with red, green and white color for the Christmas colors, Christmas comes every household is decorated with Christmas colors.12月25日,是基督教徒纪念耶稣诞生的日子,称为圣诞节.西方人以红、绿、白三色为圣诞色,圣诞节来临时家家户户都要用圣诞色来装饰.


The name Christmas is short for 'Christ's Mass'. A Mass is a kind of Church service. Christmas is a religious festival. It is the day we celebrate as the birthday of Jesus.“圣诞节”这个名称是“基督弥撒”的缩写.弥撒是教会的一种礼拜仪式.圣诞

圣诞节的由来,圣诞节的由来 英文/英语,圣诞节的由来英文版,关于圣诞节的由来英语版 原文地址:http://shengdan2009.blog.hexun.com/26694721_d.html 圣诞节的由来 圣诞节是基督徒纪念耶稣诞生的一个重要节日.根据圣经记载耶稣诞生

Every year, December 25 is the day Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus, known as "Christmas".Christmas, also known as Christmas and the Birthday of Jesus, is translated as "Christ Mass", a traditional Western Festival and the most

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