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Christmas or Christmas Day is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, the central figure of Christianity. It is traditionally celebrated on December 25 by most Western Christian churches. Although dating to probably as early as a.d. 200, the feast of

Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ..圣诞节是基督教为了庆祝耶稣的诞生而设定的节日. No one knows the exact date of Christ's birth, but most Christians observe Christmas on December 25.没有人知道耶稣是

Christmas Day Christmas is a joyful religious holiday when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. To people all over the world, Christmas is a season of giving and receiving presents. In some European countries, Father Christmas, or Saint

Christmas Day

Christmas is Britain's most popular holiday. Its traditions and early ceremonies were rooted in pagan beliefs and date back hundreds of years. They are still part of contemporary Christmas celebrations.The Druids, for example, honoured the

It was Christmas Day yesterday.We had a Christmas party at school.Many friends of mine came to the party.After we said"Merry Christmas",we began to sing Christmas songs,such as Edelweiss,andso on.Then we told some Christmas stories,

holly. People feel the giving spirit and donate their time and money to worthy causes. According to the Bible, although it may have been around two hundred years after his birth. It is traditionally celebrated on December 25 by most Western Christian

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas 这里面有很详细的介绍 而且可以调处中文网站 你可以找到你需要的资料 Christmas (pronounced /krsms/), also referred to as Christmas Day, is an annual holiday celebrated on December 25 that

December 25th is Christmas Day.Christmas is an important and popular festival in many western countries.Before Christmas people buy Christmas trees and decorate them.Christmas tree is an important part of the Christmas holiday.On Christmas

letters to santa there are millions of people all over the world, who are dreaming of a visit to santa. many make their dream come true, and take a trip to the polar circle. even if you never get to visit santa, you can always write him and tell him about

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