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只有对人类的强烈的爱,才能激化出一种必要力量来探求和领会生活的意义. -----高尔基 《我的大学》 只有两种生活方式:腐烂或燃烧.胆怯而贪婪的人选择前者,勇敢而胸怀博大的人选择后者. ------高尔基 《时钟》

life in the future as time goes by, there are going to be big changes in our everyday lives in the future. for example, as time goes by, there are going to be big changes in our everyday life. for example, when we are hungry, we don't need to cook in a

一、In my opinion,100 years later,the world will be changed.We can take a vacation on the moon.We will have videophone, we can go shopping and take a physical examination by the videophone.Some scientists will lived in the sea floor.The

The days of my futureMy future will be happy.I already graduated at that time from the university.I will have a stable work.I will have my family,my husband,and a lovely child.What will be my future job?I have many ideals.I want to work as a singer,stands

第六篇:the newspaper 报 纸 nowadays the newspaper possesses considerable value everybody should read it. it supplies us with a variety of news every day. it tells us the political situation of the world. if we form the habit of reading the newspaper,

In the future,I think I will work in a hospital as a doctor. Because i like Chineses medicine very much and i think doctors can help many sick people .In the future i will live with my father and mother near the sea.All my family like the sea and the fresh air

We will have developed traffic. People will work and study at home. The robots will be used everywhere. People who get serious disease can be treated now .With the development of the world economy people will live better and better . But

Life in the future nobody can tell what would be the life like after one hundred years or, at least the ordinary people like us can not do that. however from level of development of today's technology and science, one thing that everyone can be sure

In our future we have many hopes .let`s try to imagine about that . The medical science is developing very quickly our age will be 120 years old . I think it`s a good thing for us because we have much time to do what i want to do . As discover of new

今天,我走在马路边,突然,有一片香蕉皮从居民楼掉下来,差点儿掉在我的头上. Today, I walk in the street, suddenly, have a banana skin and fall from the dweller building, almost fell on my head. 于是我心里想着:现在的人类怎么就这样没有


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