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Not everyone know what are their future ideal jobs 并不是每一个人都知道自己未来理想的工作是什么

my ideal job My ideal work has many, for instance doctor, police, boss, entrepreneur, scientist .But I most like working as boss. When boss has many advantage for example: May make money, buy the house, to buy the car, to be filial piety the

理想的工作,英语作文.My Dream Everyone has his dream. My dream is to be a famous journalist in the future. When I grow up, I'm going to be a journalist. Next year, I'm going to write articles for magazines and newspapers. I'm going to a

你好!将来理想的工作 The ideal job in the future

我的理想工作My Ideal JobDifferent people have different dreams.When we are children at school,we already have our own drames.Some want to be engineers or doctors.

My dream jobMy dream job is to be a famous basketball player like yaoming.I know that to be a basketball player need to training much harder than other jobs and sometimes will get injured .But I believe I will be a famous basketball player all over the world.

i want to have a room of my own.the colour of the wall is light blue.there are thing that i like in the room.i want a big white desk near the window.so while i'm reading book,i can see the birds flying in the sky.on the desk iwant to put some books.the

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that is my job which i want

in the future.


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