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一首英文歌,男的唱的 ,听得瑟的,高潮有一句是 in thE summEr ,挺出名的吧。。求解

summer - calvin harrisWhen I met you in the summer 当我在夏日遇到你的时候To my heartbeat sound 我的心跳加速We fell in love 我们陷入爱河As the leaves turned brown 当叶子转成咖啡色的时候We could be together baby 我们可以在一起的As

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When You Believe(指定曲目) - Whitney HoustonMariah Carey Many nights we pray with no proof anyone could hear 许多夜晚我们曾恳切祈祷,不能证明任何人可以听到 And our heart's a hopeful song we barely understood 我们的心如一阕希望

歌手:westlife 专辑:westlife [ti:season in the sun]season in the sunartist:westlife lrc editor:fireinicegoodbye to you my trusted friendwe've known each othersince we were nine or tentogether we've climned hills and treeslearned of love and abc'

你好!是不是将sun听成summer?看看是不是这首walking in the sun,如果不是,这首也很好听.打字不易,采纳哦!

1) Pussy Cat Dolls (或原唱:Jane Child) - Don't Wanna Fall In LoveAin't no personal thing boybut you have got to stay awayfar, far away from my heart, my heartdon't you know what your kiss is doinglet me tell it to you from the start, boyI don't

Calvin Harris-Summer 肯定就这这首 我也比较喜欢这首歌 望采纳

不知道是不是Green Day的《wake me up when September ends》,希望信息对你有帮助,找到想要找的歌.

你看看会不会是bon jovi的always?虽然高潮不是shall we,但有一句话唱到some thatsome that..的时候也挺激动的 你听听看: always 歌手:bon jovi this romeo is

这首歌是darin 的surrender.歌词如下:We were best friends 我们曾是最好的朋友 Even though I wanted more 尽管我想要更多 Too afraid to ask 害怕到不敢问 But I was always sure 但我的心总是坚定的 I see you now and then 我了解你的过去和



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