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您好,给您找了点常用万能英语句子和表达供参考,希望对您写英语作文有所帮助:1.as an old saying goes,.正如一句古老的谚语所说2.be nothing but .不过就是3.from where i stand. 从我的立场来说4.give oneself a chance to.给某人一个机

问好 Nice to meet you!Hello!How are you?Nice to meet you, too!Hello!I am fine, thanks.问姓名 What is yourhisher name?Myhisher name is Jenny.问颜色 What colour is it?What is your favourite colour?It is red.My favourite colour is blue 问地方 Where

it is said thatonly in this way(结尾用,别忘了倒装~) 多用短语,谚语,但是不要用生僻的 罗列时尽量避免first,second用to begin with so that从句 in order that 强调句it isthat 一、熟记以下句型 want to do sth help sb with sth Help sb do sth

1.Thanks for helping me . 2. I am very glad to see you. 3.How are you?4 .how's everything?=how's it going? 5.What can I do for you?=can I help uou?=May I help you? 6.What's the matter with you?=What's worng with you?=What's the trouble with you?

Recently, the problem of … has aroused people's concern. 最近,……问题已引起人们的关注. The Internet has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. It has brought a lot of benefits but has created some serious

英语作文万能句子 一、开头句型 1.As far as …is concerned 就……而言 2.It goes without saying that… 不言而喻,… 3.It can be said with certainty that… 可以肯定地说…… 4.As the proverb says, 正如谚语所说的, 5.It has to be noticed that…

写作常用句型总结1.as an old saying goes,.正如一句古老的谚语所说2.be nothing but .不过就是3.from where i stand. 从我的立场来说4.give oneself a chance to..给某人一个机会去5.i feel sure that我坚信6.is the best way to

Each coin has two sides,so different people have different points. Only in this way,can you do something Last but not least As far as I am concernd I have no choise but to do it. As a saying goes+谚语 手边没资料只记得这些了

给你些定义吧 中文的你应该都知道Sustainable Development is the Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Environmental science is an interdisciplinary area

1、不要再用 more and more了;该词组被评为中国恶俗词组榜第一!!老师说..可以用a growing number of.. 2、inevitable..不可避免.. 3、should/would/could/may/might;为什么要用这个5个词?首先,语气比较委婉,不会很肯定,显的


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