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there is a new shop near our school,the shop is not very big,but we can buy a lot of thing here,after school,i often go to this shop to buy someting we need with my classmates,sometimes we buy some food ,some books,and so on,the things in the

summer(夏天) summer comes after spring. it is the warmest season in the year. it often rains ,sometimes quite heavily. everything grows very quickly. young people love this time of year because it is good for sports .i often go swimming ,


我可以教你一个方法.要写英语短文的话,对我们来说英语和中文不一样的,我们写的英语作文只要没有语病就给满分,不一定想中文要求那么多.更何况是写60~70个单词. 一般情况下介绍下家里的成员有几个人:there are 【数量】 people

the lunar new year the lunar new year is a great occasion to the chinese people. it lasts about the first four days of the year, during which people do not work except for the workers on duty. students do not go to school, and shops are dosed. several

iand olympic games olympic games is window, i keep watch. this is a maximum window, had been rubbed bright. through it, those that see are worlds. here, it is changing every day, here burgeoning thing is being replaced. have only me, this loyalty

Dear Frank , How are you ?Are you fine? I'm glad to hear that you want to learn Chinese.As your pen pal,let me help you to learn Chinese well.To begin with,you have to know that it's not easy to learn Chinese well.Then you could buy a Chinese book

said it was only the second thing he had ever won in his life. the first thing was an afghan blanket at a church raffle when he was 25 years old. but this was much bigger: it was $120,000! he had won the big cube, a state lottery game. to win, a

Wang Meng is a well-known athlete of the Chinese women's speed skating team. She was born on April 10, 1985. She stepped into the skating area at the age of 10. On the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics in Italy, she was awarded the gold medal of

1.TravelingtoDalian Summerholiddayiscoming.Ihaveagoodplanforit.MybestfriendTonywhoisfromBritainwillspendtheholidaywithmw.Tomis17yearsold,helikeChinaverymuch.Oneweekago,Iwrotehimaletter,invitinghimtocometoDalianfortheholidays.


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