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three fifteen; three past fifteen; four to forty five

三点十五用英语怎么写? three fifteen / a quarter past three 两点半用英语怎么写? two thirty / half past two 七点零三用英语怎么写? seven o three / three past seven 八点十八用用英语怎么写? eight eighteen / eighteen past eight 英语怎么写? english 十一点二十用英语怎么写? eleven twenty / twenty past eleven 九点四十用英语怎么写? nine forty/ twenty to ten 两点五十用英语怎么写? two fifty/ ten to three

三点十五分 three fifteen fifteen past three

可以直接用数字3:15,或者a quarter past three或者three fifteen

one fifteen

1:30--Half past one. 3:15--a quarter past three. 2:30--half past two. 补充:

3点15分 Three fifteen , Quarter past three.

三点十五分网络Quarter past three我们和这位系主任的约面时间是三点十五分.Our appointment with this dean is for three-fifteen. 她三点十五分就接走杰森了.She picked him up at3:15. 转天下午三点十五分,庞先生再次施展了他那套巫术.At three-fifteen the following afternoon, Persky worked his wizardry again.

3点十五 A quarter past three或 three fifteen

on March 15th/ on March 15 .on the 15th of March.on 15th, March


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