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Among us

chinese is popular among us kids什么意思?汉语在美国孩子中很受欢迎.

among us与among ourselves表面上看几乎是一样的意思,但是深究一下他们具体的运用的语句环境,就可以分析出来了:1.Tey are going to pick a player among us.他们将在我们之中选出一个球员.2.we allways quarrel among oueselves.我们之

Unit 41 Who's a hero these days? In an era of heightened heroism, the wordhero has become more common. We use hero to describe both victimsand survivors of all kinds of difficulties and tragedies. Who are the heroes among us?1 谁是当今的英

among four of us “在我们四个之中”=among us four(这里four是us 的同位语)


处所状语:among us 我们中间,程度状语:even 甚至主语:the humble 地位低下或出身卑贱的人谓语动词:compete (for) (为而)竞争目的状语:for (those) who can be the humblest of all (也要)为那些可能是所有人中最地位低下或出身最卑贱的人(竞争)【这里可能落掉了介词宾语 those,who 引导的是定语从句】

Debbie Hart is going to swim across the English Channel tomorrow. Debbie Hart是主语, is going to swim across 构成句子的谓语,the English Channel是宾语, tomorrow是时间状语. She is going to set out from the French coast at five o'clock

He is ( the most careful ) among us.他是我们之中最谨慎的的一个

among four of us “在我们四个之中”=among us four(这里four是us 的同位语) ========如有疑问,马上追问!祝学习进步========


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