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没有这个牌子的山地车的,或者说他不是一个名牌.他就是英文自行车的复数形式 『如果我的回答对您有帮助,请点击下面的“好评”,谢谢,您的采纳是对我莫大的支持.』

bicycle [英]baskl [美]baskl n. 自行车;脚踏车 v. 骑自行车

Bicycles are very popular__ in China. In this country you can see bicycles__ almost everywhere. When you walk on_ the road, you will find a lot of people riding__bicycles to school, shop, and wherever the riders want to go. Therefore China is known

我给你整了一篇,采纳哦. Bicycles are still welcomed at present. Either going to school or going to work by bicycle is very convenient. Now more and more people prefer going here and there on a bike. This is because riding a bicycle is good for

sightseeing 英 [satsi:] 美 [satsi] n. 观光,游览; 1. Sightseeing is best done either by tour bus or by bicycles. 最好是乘坐旅游巴士或骑自行车观光. 2. Did you have a chance to do any sightseeing ? 你有没有出去游览的机会? 3. The tourists went sightseeing in the suburbs of the city. 游客们游览了市郊.

public-bicycles公共自行车双语例句1. The public never had faith in his ability to handle the job. 公众从来不相信他有能力胜任这一职位.来自柯林斯例句2. There needs to be a properly informed public debate. 有必要让公众在充分知情的状况下展开辩论.



掰西抠bai xi kou

一般情况下是用bicycles 假如真要用bicycle的话,意思就是他们才有一辆自行车


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