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clap 英[klp] 美[klp] vt. 拍手,鼓掌; 轻轻拍打某人; 急速放置; 振翼,拍翅膀; n. 鼓掌,拍手; 拍手声; 噼拍声; 破裂声; vi. 鼓掌,拍手; 啪地关上; [例句]The men danced and the women clapped男人们跳舞,女人们拍手.[其他] 第三人称单数:claps 复数:claps 现在分词:clapping 过去式:clapped过去分词:clapped

clap [klp] vi. 鼓掌,拍手;啪地关上 vt. 拍手,鼓掌;轻轻拍打某人 n. 鼓掌;拍手声 [ 过去式clapped或clapt 过去分词clapped或clapt 现在分词clapping ]

拍名词an act of striking together the palms of the hands, either once or repeatedly.同义词: round of applause, handclap, handan explosive sound, especially of thunder.a clap of thunder echoed through the valley同义词: crack, crash, bang, boom,

clap [klp]基本翻译n. 鼓掌;拍手声vt. 拍手,鼓掌;轻轻拍打某人vi. 鼓掌,拍手;啪地关上网络释义Clap:鼓掌 | 拍手 | 拍手声


clap 英[klp] 美[klp] vt.& vi. 拍手,鼓掌;轻轻拍打某人;急速放置;振翼,拍翅膀 n. 鼓掌,拍手;拍手声;噼拍声;破裂声 vi. 鼓掌,拍手;啪地关上 [例句]A few clap openly , while others smile self-consciously.几个人公开鼓掌,其他人则会心一笑.

clap1及物动词 vt. 1. 拍(手),鼓(掌);为鼓掌The audience clapped the pianist heartily. 听众热情地为钢琴演奏者鼓掌. 2. 轻拍,击[(+on)]He clapped the champion on the back and congratulated him. 他拍拍冠军的肩背,向他祝贺. 3.

clap 英 [klp] 美 [klp] vi. 鼓掌,拍手;啪地关上vt. 拍手,鼓掌;轻轻拍打某人n. 鼓掌;拍手声n. (Clap)人名;(西、英)克拉普

clap 鼓掌拍手声 hop 跳跃 舞会



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