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1.could 引导的 一般疑问句如果是表示客气语气的句子,用Yes, I can.回答.Could you tell me how to get to Yes,I can./Of course,I can.2.could 引导的 一般疑问句如果是表示过去的能力就用could 回答.Could you swim when you were ten years old? Yes,I could./No,I couldn't.

could如果是表示“可能”用于一般过去时态时,回答可用could.e.g.Could he play the piano two years ago?肯定回答:Yes,he could.否定回答:No,he couldn't.如果表示“委婉”,回答用"can".e.g.Could I use your comp

could?好像是yes u can.No u couldn't 我只记得must need 和 may的用法了

yes(no),i could(couldn`t)

-May -Yes,you may/you can(No,you can't) -Must -Yes,you must(No,you needn't/you don't have to) -Could -Yes,you can(No,you can't)

yes,I could.No,I couldn't.因为could是can的委婉形式,所以用法相同.

could?好像是yes u can. No u couldn't 吗??我只记得must need 和 may的用法了

No,not at all. / Sorry,I think I could't.

1、can 表示现在的能力,could 表示过去的能力,例如:He can speak a little English now. She could play the piano when she was five. 2、在表示请求许可时,没有时间区别,在语气上could 更加委婉客气,例如: Can I use your pen ? Could I

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