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could 你可以 should 你应该 你能区别 可以 和 应该 的区别 就是你要的答案

could you tell me where do you live. i could sing in the sky. she could meet my mother. could he sat down. you could sit here.

1、could的否定形式是could not,多缩写为couldn't,表示能力,意思是:能,会.Could you speak English then?那时你能讲英语吗?He said he couldn't follow me.他说他跟不上我.提出请求、疑问或看法(could是虚拟语气,代替can,在时间上

Could you please give me a cup of coffee?你可以给我一杯咖啡吗?这里的could表示礼貌用语 He told himself he could do it well that time .那时,他告诉他自己他能够做好.这里的could 表示能够的过去时.

when do you go home?你什么时候回家?(用于通常)

Could you please give me an apple.Could you please 后加动词原形+sb+sth

could 你可以 should 你应该你能区别 可以 和 应该 的区别 就是你要的答案

Could you please help me?你能帮助我吗?I couldn't come over to give you a hand.我不能过来帮助你.There is a man.Could it be Tom? 那儿有个男子.可能是汤姆吗?It couldn't be Tom .He has gone to Beijing yesterday.不可能是汤姆

I can/could carry both suitcases. 我可以搬动两个箱子.表示能力 They can/could hardly have intended to do that. 他们几乎不可能愿意做那事.表示可能性 One can/could hardly blame you for being upset. 没有人会因为你受挫而责怪你.

could来提问表示对对方的礼貌,有请求之意;当然of course you can 是一个固定搭配,你也可以用of course you could 来回答,没有太大的差别.

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