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1.My Musical Habits I have many habits,music is my favorite one.I love pop music and I always listen to PM3 to enjoy pop on my way home or school.Also, I am a good singer and I can sing a lot of pop songs.I love music becose it can brings me

donnot worry! everything will be changed, I think you could find anther one to make friend, at last, I hope you can make much friend!

1.Liuxiang(刘翔)-the flying man in the world! Liuxiang made a perfect fly in the olympic games in 2004, and won not only the gold metal but also the respect in the world! His fly knocked all the suspicions and discriminations down completely! "It

Dear Mark, I heard of you were ill again.I am worried about you,please take care of yourself.You'd better drink water always and do more exercise.In that case,your body will be stronger and studis will be better.Best wishes for you. Your friend Tom不知道是不是初一的水平,你自己再改改吧,还有就是以后别来问了,学习是自己的事情.go.fighting.

1.Last Chinese New Year. I and my father, mother, grandparents, brother went to changbaishan by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come

Dear Peter, I'm sorry to hear that you've come down with a headache and a fever. I know it is the reason why you didn't do well in the English exam. However,there is no need to feel low. I'm sure you will do a good job later on. It is necessary you go to

TOM is 12 years old .He is a good boy .He likes playing basketball and football so he is good at P.E. and he looks very healthy . when he is at home , he always behaves well .when he is at school , he works hard and he does well in every exam . He

Dear Mary I am LinHaibo , a middle school student. I want to tell you something about my school life. Our school is large and there are many buildings in our school. I mainly learn the Chinese, Math and English. My favorite subject is English,

1、yesterday, as the high school examinations occupyclassrooms, our high a holiday, we have a good review at home during theholidays. in the morning i first learn mathematics, we made a few questionsabout derivatives. then i had to learn english,

I was the editor of a newspaper.Not long ago, I received a letter from my. Said he and classmate, people always can't get on well in the letter,so he is very confused.So, I'm going to give him a reply and help. I hope to help him. 我是一名报社编辑.在前不久,我收到一位同学的来信.信中说他和同学、别人总是相处不好,所以他十分困惑.所以,我准备给他回信和帮助.希望能帮到他. 希望对你有帮助!!


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