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Just Now梧返:T-ara侭奉廨辞:Gossip Girls梧簡:書ならきっと埆えて佩ける嶬斷散┸敏垓氷佃購知を匐える Just Now!糞崔力 祥頁嶬!念だけを需て 恠り竃せば鯒葦偲楮里皺世ない涙侭侶上T-ara - Just Now恬簡:タイラヨオ恬爆

書ならきっと埆えて佩ける 知を匐える Just Now! 念だけを需て 恠り竃せば 採も伽くない Just Now - T-ARA 簡:タイラヨオ 爆:畢紅慎孅 ありふれた劾の尚弼 採絞か書晩 苧るく需える 暴の嶄で採かが 鳩かに わったから だって裸嫖って

just enough

just厘峪岑祇Sarch connor蟹議Just one last dance 哘乎音頁低誥匍. 頁清距梧爆.

We Belong Together-Mariah CareyWoo犖Oh~ Sweet love Yeah玳~ 矢築議握 勳I didn't mean it厘旺掲云吭When I said I didn't love you so輝厘傍厘旺音椎劔握低議扮昨I should have held on tight厘哘乎宇誼厚諸I never should've let you go厘音哘乎斑

嶬,泌惚厘辛參階埆 峪頁嶬旌晒議知 !峪嗤參念議心軟栖才怒阻竃栖 短嗤訊上 峪頁嶬-t-ARA 嶄忽: タイラヨオ 梧爆: 便文密嫗 壼貧弊没議心隈 喇噐蝶嶽圻咀書爺高苧需狛辛參頁 徽壓厘附貧 輝隼厮将貫厚個 厘匯岷壓僥楼宅?写偬

厘状誼低勣孀議頁宸遍 Taylor Swift-sparks fly 編編杏 哘乎頁 廝低挫塰

梧爆兆:just for now梧返:Imogen Heap廨辞:Speak For YourselfJust for now) (x6)It's that time of year,Leave all our hopelessnesses aside (if just for a little while)Tears stop right here,I know we've all had a bumpy ride (I'm secretly on your side)

Over You (The Voice Performance) - Cassadee PopeWeather man said it's gonna snow爺賑圓烏傍 勣和僣阻By now I should be used to the cold嶬敍 厘哘乎勣僥彭癖哘彭甥絶議弊順阻Mid-February shouldn't be so scary屈埖嶄儁 音乎宸担訊

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