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look out oF造句

The story is interesting. 这个故事很有趣.Don't look out of the window.不要往窗外看.

look out 注意 look out, there's a car coming.留神,汽车过来了.look out! there is danger ahead.当心!前面危险.注意看 找出;挑选出 to look out a party dress 挑出一件赴宴会的衣服 i have to look out those papers.我得把那些文件找出来.

Look out,Here comes the bus.小心,车来了.

Look out of the window,please!

My sister look out of tent

look out of the window 是朝窗外看look through the window是通过窗口看(),可以是往里面看,也可以是往外面看.

两个词组意思不同,用法也不同.look out留神,当心比如Look out!the train is coming.小心,火车开过来了.look out of往外看,比如He is looking out of the window.他在往窗户外看.

lookout 音节划分:lookout 英 [lkat] 美 [lkat] n. 守望; 远景,前途; 望台; 警戒 复数: lookouts 双语例句1. She swivelled round to look out of the window.她转过身去望窗外.来自《简明英汉词典》2. Look out of the window - there is beauty for you, Jon.向窗外看看 -- 美就在你的眼前呢, 乔恩.来自辞典例句3. His arty clothes look out of place in the office.他的奇装异服,在办公室里很不顺眼.来自辞典例句

He is out of money 他没钱了 I help you out of sympathy 我出于同情帮助你 Don't look out of the window 别往窗外看

He looked out of the window at the street如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】祝学习进步


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