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Someone said, the university but is the extension of high school, and in high school here will have to continue the kind of desperately laboured at; But others said, stepped into university, the future and career is security, can goint to four years. I think,

I get to school at half past six everyday.First is self study, i usually spend half an hour preparing my lessons.Followed by Morning Reading.It is often Chinese and English.At about eight o`clock,we start the first class.It is usually maths,English or

ur TV University is mainly engaged in long distance education. The form of study is very convenient for adult learners like me. I can learn my courses anywhere in my spare time by computer. There are many web-based courses and sources on line.

My LifeMy life sucks. I had to write so many pointless essay for my English class to get a good grade on it. But I don't know how to write a good one, so I just go online to ask other people to write one for me.I don't know why I'm copying this essay this

With the develop of modern technology,computer is widely used in my life.With the help of computer I can learn of anything in the world. With computer's help I can work easily,so I have more free time than before,and I can talk with my friends online.I

一卷宽得能狂奔的草地,曾经来到过我的生活;一泻长得如瀑布的水流,曾经来到过我的生活;一幕令我震撼的场景,曾经来到过我的生活,我不再是我,我长大了. 往事如清泉,流泻到我的脑海中,挥之不去,记忆如长虹,横贯在我心中,带

My wonderful life I'm a middle school student.I have a happy family.My house is beautiful,I have my own room.It's great!In my bedroom ,there is a comeputer,I can find information and learn online.And I often watch TV at home.I like watching TV and

My Life Hello! Everybody. Let me tell you about my life. My life is very busy. But it's very happy. I often watch TV on weekends, but I don't watch TV on weekdays. I do my homework everyday. I do sports three or four times a week. I wake

I get up at six every day. I dress myself quickly and have breakfast at half past six. After breakfast I go to school. I have four lessons in the morning and three in the afternoon. I study hard and always help my classmate with their lessons. I have lunch at

my life online 翻译:我的网络生活Burial in a Churchyard is open to all members of the parish who have been baptised, but in most urban areas there is no space left for new burials.Although fees are charged, no grave deed is issued as ownership


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