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satisfy [stisfai]vt.使满意;使确信;符合(要求等)satisfied ['stisfaid] adj.satisfied ['stisfaid] adj.例句:I'm not at all satisfied.我一点也不满意.I satisfied my thirst with a glass of water.我喝了一杯水解渴.I am not at all satisfied with the present situation.我对现状根本不满意.

be satisfied with sth 对……很满意(主语为人).He is satisfied with her homework.be satisfied to sb (主语为物)Her homework is satisfied to him.

satisfied ['stisfaid]基本翻译v. 使满意(satisfy的过去式)adj. 感到满意的网络释义Satisfied:满足 | 满意的 | 感到满意的

satisfied [stisfaid] adj.满意的; 满足的 例:When she had finished her meal, she gave a satisfied smile.当她吃完饭后, 她露出了满意的笑容.be satisfied with sth 对……很满意(主语为人).例:He is satisfied with her homework.be satisfied to sb (主语为物) 例:Her homework is satisfied to him.


satisfied 英 [stsfad] 美 [stsfad]adj.满意的,满足的,清偿过的,确信的,毫无疑问的v.使满意( satisfy的过去式和过去分词)[例句]If you\'re not satisfied with the life you\'re living, don\'t just complain. Do something about it.对于现况的不满,不能只是抱怨,要有作出改变.

satisfiedsat.is.fiedAHD:[st“s-fd”] D.J.[6s#t!s7fa!d]K.K.[6s#t!s7fa!d]adj.(形容词)1.Filled with satisfaction; content:满意的;满足的:a very satisfied customer.一个非常满意的顾客2.Paid or discharged in full, as a debt or an obligation.清偿过的:彻底还清或清偿了的,如债务或义务3.Convinced beyond a doubt.确信的:毫无疑问的

satisfied:be satisfied to do 作形容词satisfying:动名词,作名词,表满意satisfy:动词,表满意

satisfied 英[stsfad] 美[stsfad] adj. 满意的,满足的;清偿过的;确信的,毫无疑问的 v. 使满意( satisfy的过去式和过去分词)


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