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歌曲名:Get The Feeling歌手:The Dey专辑:The Dey Has Come歌词仅用于原版Get The Feeling,非NBA Live原声版Chorus 1: I get this feeling that yaReady, I'm willing' yes yaSexy, appealing' yes ya'Girl lemme come and get cha'Chorus 2: I get

Get The Feeling - DeyChorus 1: I get this feeling that ya Ready, I'm willing' yes ya Sexy, appealing' yes ya' Girl lemme come and get cha' Chorus 2: I get the feeling that I'm' gon' end up lovin' you If you don't wanna hurt me, then boy watch what you do

歌曲名:Got The Feeling歌手:Jeff Beck Group专辑:The CollectionGot The Feelin'audio time: 3:27vocals: J ABS GROUPNOTES: Also known as the "Na-Na"song for obvious reasons. One of thebiggest sellers world-wide for Five,even though


shake it up-sj.

Lenka/SkipalongSo tired of feeling blueSuch a heavy weight on youSo shake it off and make your way to somewhere differentTo somewhere differentOh no now you're leaving me oh what will you doAll alone in the big bad world but I'm not worried,

NBA08的音乐 很喜欢的.有没有人能提供一下歌词有lrc文件+20分 Get The Feeling - Dey Chorus 1: I get this feeling that ya Ready, I'm

Swen-The Feeling Give me the song and I'll sing it like I mean itGive me the words and I'll say them like I mean it'Cos you got my heart in a headlockYou stopped the blood, made my head softAnd god knowsYou got me sewnNah nah nah x8Danny

JJ Heller You Would Love Me Too Lyrics你比对一下,是不是这个We could talk for hours It doesn't matter You don't hear a word I say 'Cause you don't listen when I speak So I'll sing instead La la la la la I love you Ooh I really do If you ever paid


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