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travel胆塀咄炎: []哂塀咄炎: []vi.1. 唾佩My uncle is travelling in South America.厘輔幻壓掴胆巖唾佩.2. (高、蕗咄吉)佩序,勧擬[Q]Light travels faster than sound.高議堀業曳蕗咄酔.3. 唾佩容歯麗[Q]He travels for our firm.麿葎厘断巷望唾佩


仝Travel々 恬簡|JUNIEL/CUL 恬爆|JUNIEL 園爆|功斡丐崋 梧|JUNIEL 降れた晩械 降れた鉦宣と Baby, I say good-bye for a while.寄挫きだったイチョウの直も しばらく氏えなくなるね 兜めて竃た匯繁だけの唾 ちょっぴり偲しかった きっ


弊順唾嗄 褒囂斤孚褒囂箭鞘1 Described as the'Oscars'of the travel and tourism industry by The Wall Street Journal, the World Travel Awards represent the ultimate accolade.瓜鯖櫛瞬晩烏得葎唾嗄匍順議^安帽触^,弊順唾嗄寄襲旗燕阻恷互襲浜


travel胆塀咄炎:[]哂塀咄炎:[]vi.1.唾佩My uncle is travelling in South America.厘輔幻壓掴胆巖唾佩.2.(高、蕗咄吉)佩序,勧擬[Q]Light travels faster than sound.高議堀業曳蕗咄酔.3.唾佩容歯麗[Q]He travels f

I want to travel:厘訛弛.褒囂箭鞘:1、What can I do to protect myself if I want to travel to Mexico, California or Texas?諒籾9:泌惚厘詒ツ廉悟、紗巒賜誼針尾帽巒唾嗄,厘乎奕劔隠擦徭失椿?2、I opt out of the new X-ray scanner because

n. 唾佩;嗄煽;只嗄 vt. 将狛;壓´唾佩 vi. 唾佩;佩序;化佩;住吏

journey[5dVE:ni]n.唾佩, 唾殻v.唾佩journeyA journey is a long adventure or travel that one person might take or many people who make a journey.For example: They took a long journey across the desert.唾佩journeyjour.neyAHD:[jr^n] D.J.[6d9


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