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A: can you help me finish the project in these two days? B: even my one haven't finish, how can i handle it? A: yeah~i know, so today can you finish your one and tomorrow.. B: i am sorry, i really can not help you, cos tomorrow i will have a tuition. A:

1.I'm ready / I'm going to leave / I'm leaving 2.it's too far 3.walking will make me tired 4.When I was in your age 5.get up earlier tomorrow 答案不唯一

1.I'm afraid not2.What is smog3.Where does the smog come from4.It's bad for health5.Yes ,I think so

1. I will ask someone for direction. 如果我在大城市迷路,我会想别人问路 2. I will help him without hesitation. 如果别人向我寻求帮助,我会毫不犹豫帮助他 3. I will study harder. 如果我不能通过考试,我会更努力学习 4. I will stop him immediately. 如果我看到有人偷东西,我会马上制止他 5. I will say sorry to the teacher and classamtes. 如果我上学迟到,我会和老师同学说对不起

今日得闲,让我多聊几句: 大多数的情态助动词具有一词多义的特征,就以表示推测性用法为例: 表示有"可能 "的might, may, could, can;表示 "很有可能"的should ,ought to,would,will;表示"最肯定"的must等. 假设有如下情景:A说"

Let me give you some leads:Scenario 1:Man,I can't put up with you any more.You snore like a pig every night and I can't sleep a wink.Scenario 2:Hi mate,will you suggest

it is time to have breakfast. all right. can i have some cakes? yes,you are fond of are the cakes ?they are cakes can i have? two, ok

大夫:请进.你哪里不舒服?Doctor:Please come in.What seems to be the trouble? Doctor:I see.Now you have to get your stools tested.I'll write out a slip and you can take


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