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wrotE Down翻译

wrote down的中文翻译wrote down写下双语例句I wrote down the number 46 and drew a circle around it.我写下46这个数字,又画了个圆将它圈起来.

the leastthe most


Upside down My grades are down from A's to D's 我的成绩从A降到D I'm way behind in history 我的辉煌已成为历史 I lost myself in fantasies (我沉湎于幻想中) Of you and me together 我沉湎于你和我在一起的幻想中 I don't know why - I - I but

应该是So wrote down the perfect love between us 吧 翻译:写下我们之间的完美爱情

我记下了那是发生的一切事情 I wrote down everything that happened

wrote down

settle down定居;安定下来;专心于carried on继续

Translation,especially poem translation is highly-demanding. You must have a good mastery of both English and Chinese verse to do it. "Upside Down" is a song, it the same as a poem and with rhyme and rhythm. Why should I take such trouble



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